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Caroline Vreeland

Caroline Vreeland is a celebrity and multi-talented creative recognized as a singer-songwriter, actress, influencer, model, fashion icon, and sex symbol. Her distinctive public persona could be bluntly but honestly framed as: 'bad girl with a good heart, wits and unapologetic voluptuousness'. This fan-run fansite is made in homage to her and is a resource providing different slices to familiarize people with her work and talents over the years. To learn more about the creator of this site, check the About page.


Caroline is somewhat who strongly identifies with her musical side. She is a singer & songwriter with passionate expression of her craft and artistry. Above are some of her songs from her EP, some singles and music videos.​

Fun Fact: She was supposed to be a contestant on American Idol but was disallowed after it was known she had collaborated with Ryan Seacrest (the host) for a pilot of another show before this, which technically violated the rules of eligibility.

Going to Bed with Caroline Vreeland